Plus500 logoA useful broker for people that want to start trading and gain some experience, since there is no required starting amount. However it has some disadvantages.

With Plus500, people can trade in only ~2,000 stocks, forex, commodities, indices and ETFs. The list of available options can be found here. Their premium fees are quite high, especially as a starting trader. After a certain while, Plus500 upgraded my account to Gold status (without asking me), which has the advantage of lower premium fees, but then the minimum trade size is put significantly higher.

It is possible to do some automatic trading, e.g. close at a certain profit/loss, close at a trailing stop, and buy at a certain price. However these options are limited, certainly when the stock market is not open at the moment. The ‘buy at a certain price’ option is then only available below/above the current price, which makes it much less useful.

Bonuses can be gained by starting an account, making a certain money transfer, etc. and then gaining the required amount of trader points (TP) within three months.

Plus500 has 4 different types of software: Windows Trader (desktop software), WebTrader (browser-based), an iPhone app and an Android app. All versions have real-time analysis possibilities.